Mallory McDonald (27 book series)
Mallory on the move. Book 1

Hear, Read, and Hear again

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01 Mallory on the move. Part 1
Mallory on the Move. Part 1
01 Mallory on the move. Part 2
Mallory on the Move. Part 2
01 Mallory on the move. Part 3
Mallory on the Move. Part 3
An excellent series recommended in many non-English speaking countries for vocabulary building. And in English-speaking countries the books are great for 2nd and 3rd grade readers (children 8-9 years old).

Order and summary of books in the series
Порядок и краткое содержание книг серии
Mallory McDonald books These voiced books are in the Section 2 (ID 170101-170106).

Frequency dictionary with easy word search, the word is spoken by male and female voice, аrticle (PDF file) with examples.
Frequency Dictionary

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