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Library of audio-book books in English

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Voiced textbooks
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Video + subtitles
Cartoons, TV series,
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Computer, tablet

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Convenient 'reader'

✓ Convenient applications with quick installation: a) on the hard drive of your computer or laptop; b) on a tablet or Android phone.

✓ Manual and automatic control modes. Move to the next book or chapter of the set after the last page (very convenient before sleep). Repeated playback of an audio file from the beginning of the page or from any place if there is a long text on the page.

Answers to 5 frequently asked questions

1. What age and level of language proficiency is the library designed for?
The age is indicated in the logo - from 3 to 20 years. It can be used by older students and teachers. Level is from the first steps (First Words) to the advanced level (not adapted books).

2. How effective is reading books and listening to audio books for learning English?
Reading books in a foreign language is one of the best ways to learn that language. This is the opinion of most teachers. A more detailed answer at the seminar of Professor Alexander Arguelles “Reading literature in foreign languages (tool, techniques, purpose) - Text + Video.

3. Are there books in the library not only in English?
Yes, there are. Small library for children in Spanish and French. These books are also available in English. Books in Ukrainian (mainly school curriculum). A good library in Russian - classics and modern writers. The vast majority of books are voiced. You can get a detailed answer to this question simply by visiting the pages with books through the 'Premium' login.

4. Why do you need to register just to enter the library?
Your registration allows to close pages for robots. We must be sure that real people visit closed pages.

5. Are your offers competitive in price compared to other sellers?
If you find a more attractive price than on our website, write to us by email or a short message on Viber 38 067 483 1710. The price will be adjusted. Discounts available on certain orders and $10 Coupon on first deposit. ® 2017-2024
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